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Posted by Tanya Yujelevski on 20/12/2022
Spandau | Sweet Home

Spandau stands out through its old-town flair and idyllic location along the River Havel – although it’s home to industrial facilities as well. The district is likely to pull much more closely into Berlin’s orbit in future.

Several residential areas are present between Brandenburg and the River Havel. This further entices potential residents with their idyllic locations that offer plenty of green spaces and water. However, there’s also room for new construction near the river. The old town of the Spandau subdistrict is located opposite the spot where the River Havel meets the River Spree. Many of the alleys in the old town still look the same as they did several hundred years ago. And both historical and more modern buildings from different eras line the old town’s streets.

The remains of the old city wall from the 14th century still stand today, which gives the old town even more of a provincial feel and charm. Enclosed blocks of flats, mostly in four-storey buildings dominate the Spandauer Neustadt (New Town), on the other hand. Things look different yet on the other side of the Havel, south of where it meets the River Spree. Here, the residential neighbourhoods in Stresow are present in between industrial and commercial areas and garden allotments.


Spandau likes to flirt with the self-confidence that comes from its feeling of independence. Nevertheless, the district is likely to pull much more closely into Berlin’s orbit over the next few years. For example, all indications point to an extension of the U7 underground line, which currently terminates at Spandau town hall. Of the four potential underground system expansion projects that have been studied for Berlin, the continuation of the U7 line to Heerstraße is the one most favoured by the Berlin Senate.

Indeed, one study shows that as many as 40,000 people per day would use the extension. This would also give the Wilhelmstadt subdistrict located south of the old town a direct connection to the underground system. Wilhelmstadt is characterised by enclosed residential neighbourhoods consisting for the most part of simple old buildings. Although, detached houses dominate the area south of Heerstraße, it also contains several villas.

Major projects are under planning process for the eastern part of Spandau, which is closer to the centre of Berlin. A new neighbourhood is under construction in the Siemensstadt subdistrict, for example. Plans here call for the construction of office buildings, research facilities and production facilities, as well as 3,000 apartment units, in an area currently dotted with several historical buildings in Siemensstadt. Construction for the “Siemensstadt 2.0” project is scheduled to begin in 2022, and plans also call for the reactivation of a decommissioned stretch of S-Bahn track at the site.

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