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Want to invest in Real Estate to get better returns on your property? Invest in Berlin properties, suggested by Sweet Home to generate more ROI.

Invest in Berlin

Competitive prices

Invest in Berlin at Competitive prices

Compared to other large cities in Germany, for example Munich, Frankfurt, and Hamburg, real estate prices in Berlin are still considerably low. And significantly below the level of other European capitals such as London and Paris. According to estimates by real estate experts, real estate prices in Berlin will significantly increase in the near future. And this further depends on the fact that Berlin has become the most attractive capital in Europe. The demand for real estate has been growing continuously. Moreover, this is the biggest reason to invest in Berlin properties.

Potential for Appreciation Value

Invest in Berlin for Potential for Appreciation Value

The German Government has been significantly investing many efforts to turn Berlin into the ‘Capital of Europe’. The government supports financially to enhance public development and infrastructure more than the other European capitals. Moreover, construction of a new ultra-modern city airport has started. Urban development is progressing at evidently high speed. Neighborhoods which were previously considered less developed are blooming and becoming more and more popular. Increase in demand for living space and insufficient new construction to match the demand will lead to future rise in prices. Already now analysts predict a shortage of 50.000 new units for 2015.

Quality Management

Top Quality Management - Invest in Berlin

The German legislative authorities for real estate property have created a safe environment for real estate investors, not only during the acquisition process but also in respect of management and administration of the property. Professional management companies care for the administration and maintenance of the property’s public areas and if requested, take over the administration of individual apartments. Furthermore, as regulated by law, to date every residential building in Germany is administrated by professional property management, which ensures a safe investment environment for both, the foreign and German investor. Invest in Berlin today.

Favorable financing options

The German banking system has also faith in German real estate. Presently, the Israeli investor has the possibility to take up a mortgage in Germany and obtain favorable financing options. A broker handles the process by filing the application, in addition to that he will handle all necessary documentation. He will see you through the process until all funds have been transferred to the seller. Funding of up to 50% of the property value can usually be obtained for the purchase of apartments and even beyond that for the acquisition of buildings.

Stable Economy

For the last years, Germany has been the strongest economy in Europe. It has been offering highly attractive investment opportunities to investors from all over the globe. Germany, in particular Berlin and Munich, hold a preferred position for investors looking to invest in real estate, not alone due to its advanced industry, but also based on the fact that it offers a great variety of export markets, and competent and professional workforce. The speedy urban development of Berlin and its continuously increasing numbers of inhabitants, together with the highest investments ever in a European capital by the Federal Government just contribute to the attractiveness of Berlin and strengthen its position as ‘The Paradise for real estate investors’.

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