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Meet our staff who stay updated with the Berlin real estate market. In fact, we have a team of experts with sound knowledge of Dubai real estate market.

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Meet Our Real Estate Professionals

Making an ideal real estate investment is indeed about market knowledge, risk analysis, property prices, and legal know-how. Furthermore, Sweet Home brings all this to the table with the help of our experts and realty professionals, who have years of knowledge and expertise.

Staff Cyprus

Our Cyprus team is managed by Maria Simuhina – The Project Manager. She looks after the service areas in addition to which she would provide you with assistance for the Cyprus real estate market. Meanwhile, the most attractive facet of investing in Cypriot real estate is that it can get you and your family residency or citizenship in the country. Our team will help you find an ideal property for commercial, as well as residential purposes.

Staff Berlin

Moreover, our Berlin team is packed with professionals including rental properties coordinator, client relations manager, property management and sales, administrative manager, graphic designer, digital marketing manager, and a couple of project managers. The entire team will always help you with the Berlin real estate investment and find the most lucrative options to invest in. Besides that, Berlin’s real estate market is backed by a strong rental market, which lets investors seize the opportunity to invest in properties and enjoy high returns. And to make the right investment, you need the right team of professionals like our Berlin team. They have the market knowledge required to guide you in making the right investment decision.

Staff Tel Aviv

As the Tel Aviv real estate market is quite competitive, you might find it difficult to find an ideal property for your needs. And to help you make the right decision, our Tel Aviv team include Co-CEOs, an executive secretary, and real estate consultants. They have years of experience and expertise in understanding the real estate market specs, analyzing the risks, and helping people get their dream deals.

Our Team in Tel Aviv

Meet Our Team

Tal Nahari – Staff | Sweet Home
Tal Nahari
Rental Properties Coordinator
Phone: 030-68074322
Tanya Yujelevski – Staff | Sweet Home
Tanya Yujelevski
Graphic Designer and Digital marketing manager
Phone: 030-68074322
Irina Rempel
Project Manager Telephone number: +49 175 9822985

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