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Nightlife in Berlin

Posted by Tanya Yujelevski on 23/12/2022
Nightlife in Berlin | Sweet Home

When it comes to nightlife, Berlin has a reputation for madness and that reputation is well-deserved. Offering a once in a lifetime experience, clubbing in Berlin is not for the faint of heart.

Frequently listed among the best nightlife in Berlin spots in the world, the capital of Germany boasts abandoned factories turned techno clubs, electro DJs, and lively dance floors. Berlin’s club scene also reflects creativity and innovation, attracting party lovers from around the world.


Nightlife in Berlin

Joy, happiness and freedom

Sisyphos is a place like no other. It’s a festival, it’s a club, it’s a beach, it’s a bar, it’s Alice’s Wonderland. Here you will find diverse ways of having fun. With a huge chill out area, an abandoned bus, a small lake surrounded by sand, a pizza place and a labyrinth of dance floors, you might lose yourself for hours or maybe even days inside this abandoned dog food factory. Sisyphos is a magical village, where every two weeks they throw memorable parties. You’ll feel like you’re in a world of joy, happiness and freedom and will probably get a bit sad when it’s time to leave.

It’s the perfect escape for those who are looking for a original partying experience and for those who want to get to know an undiscovered part of town. Also their staff is probably composed by the most friendly people working in clubs you’ll find in Berlin. You might ask yourself if it’s a good idea going there, since it’s located a bit far out of the way, but don’t worry: you can get a shuttle from Ostkreuz to get there. And here goes a party rat tip: make sure to save some money for your way back. After partying for so many hours, the only thing you’ll want is a cab that will drop you right in front of the place where you’re staying.

Best Clubbing Times: All weekend.

Door Policy: The bouncers here are not as bad as in other clubs, but be patient: you’re going to stand in line for quite a while. Eventually they’ll ask you if you’ve been there before and big groups are as always not welcome.

Address: Hauptstrasse 15 10317 Berlin Lichtenberg

Price: 10 Euros

Salon zur Wilden Renate

Labyrinth of circus fun

If you’ve ever dreamed about clubbing in a circus, you’ll fall in love with this club. It’s name already describes the kind of atmosphere you’ll find: WILD. Besides a big outside area, a kitsch decoration and many dance floors, their main attraction is a huge and real labyrinth. So if you get lost, you’ll condemn to live inside a club for the rest of your life. Not bad, huh? Their parties reflecting nightlife in Berlin are original and also really diverse.

Depending on the night, you will listen to the most different and bizarre kinds of music and meet people you’ve never expected before. It’s not one of the most famous clubs in town but it definitely has its charm. During summer, you’ll be also able to attend their open air parties, which are fun too. The atmosphere change is visible and you’ll have the chance to go back to your childhood by “swimming” inside small plastic pools with your friends. Drinking is relatively cheap since you can trade your empty bottles and glasses for money to buy more drinks and enjoy their psychedelic vibe.

B Door Policy: In comparison to the clubs that were mentioned before, it’s considerably easy to get into Wilde Renate. Just be sure to follow the basic door policy rules: don’t get wasted before getting there, don’t go in big groups and, when possible, answer their questions in German.

Address: Alt-Stralau 70 10245 Berlin

Price: 5 – 10 Eurosest

Clubbing Times: Friday & Saturday


Nightlife in Berlin

The pool of cool

Ludwig Hoffman in 1907, Stattbad used to be a state swimming pool formerly known as Stadttbad Wedding. In the late 50’s and beginning of the 60’s, the building was rebuild. This was due to the damage of the Second World War. It went back to being a public pool and in 2001 the place was finally transformed into a space dedicated to art, music and culture in general. Besides good parties, there you’ll also find many art exhibitions and performances. In a place where men and women from the last century separate in two different rooms. Today you can enjoy the creativity of artists and designers from the whole world. Stattnacht is their biggest night.

Famous names such as Acid Pauli and the Boiler Room guest DJs play there frequently. Also the most amazing thing about this place is the fact that you can party inside one of their empty swimming pools. So it’s definitely worth a visit. Maybe you’ll be lucky and also have the chance to get into one of the many small offices. In addition to charming ateliers and creative studios they have. During summer they open their huge terrace with a breathtaking view from Panke, the river that crosses Wedding. So embrace the opportunity to explore this working class neighborhood reflecting the nightlife in Berlin and get in touch with a side of the city you probably haven’t yet.

Best Clubbing Times: Saturday night.

Door Policy: This is one of the few clubs in town, where everyone gets in. So don’t worry about any of the rules mentioned before. Just act normal and make clear you’re only hunting for an amusing night.

Address: Gerichtstrasse 65 13347 Berlin Wedding

Price: 10 – 12 Eurosht.


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