The best 5 books about Berlin

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The best 5 books about Berlin

Posted by Tanya Yujelevski on 11/01/2023
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Our city is eternally the epicenter of history. It inspires Berliners, giving rise to great literature, unique style, fashion and architecture. And further develops the interest to read more books about Berlin.

We have compiled a list of books to help you understand the history of Berlin and how Berliners see it. The list includes fiction, as well as books on art, culture, architecture, and interior design.

Book of Clouds, Chloe Aridhis.

Books About Berlin

A witty Berlin romance starring the city itself and a young Mexican woman named Tatiana, fluttering from job to job. One of her tasks is to type a text dictated by an ascetic old historian. What is the text about? About the history of Berlin. This book is about a city where the past seeps into the present. And the story unfolds like a fairy tale.

"Berlin Blues" Sven Regener.

Mr. Lehman works as a bartender in Kreuzburg in 1989, right before the fall of the Berlin Wall. In 2003, a film was made based on this book – watch the trailer in German, it further perfectly captures the spirit of the times. The book captures in detail the still divided Berlin and especially its district of Kreuzburg, perfectly captured the mood of the inhabitants of West Berlin and their attitude towards the divided city.

"Berlin, Alexanderplatz", Alfred Döblin

Books About Berlin

Another area of Berlin, Alexanderplatz, which was once the heart of the city and where a variety of people still live. The action evidently takes place in the 1920s; murderer Franz Biberkopf is released from prison and finds himself at Alexanderplatz, where poverty, unemployment, crime and the inevitable coming of Nazism await him.

Berlin. Portrait of a City by Hans Christian Adam

A photographic journey through Berlin and its history, capturing the mood of the city, in a wonderful edition of Taschen. In addition to that aerial views, street life, portraits – from the roaring twenties through the devastation of war to the rebirth of the city as a political and cultural capital. Below the photo are quotes from famous residents and connoisseurs of Berlin, such as Marlene Dietrich and David Bowie.

Architectural Guide Berlin by Dominik Schendel

Books About Berlin

Four routes lead the reader through outstanding architectural landmarks, from the Kurfürstendamm in the western part of the city to residential developments in the East. Carefully crafted maps and full length aerial photographs. An ideal companion for studying the architecture of Berlin.


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