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Posted by admin on 20/05/2014
Mitte Berlin | Sweet Home

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The saturated subdistricts remain stable at a high level. The main sites for new construction are the areas around Alexanderplatz and Berlin Central Station. Nevertheless, the most dynamic development is to be found in Moabit, Wedding and Gesundbrunnen.

The term “Mitte” refers not only to the entire district but also to one of its six subdistricts – the nucleus of the capital, which stretches from the Brandenburg Gate to Alexanderplatz and includes the historical centre of Berlin. Here, in the area that was also the centre of the capital of the GDR until 1989, you can find many modern buildings, and the density of the urban landscape increases around Alexanderplatz as a result of the nearby high-rises. Most of the open space between Alexanderplatz and the Jannowitzbrücke bridge on the Spree has now been filled in with new buildings. The Mitte subdistrict doesn’t play much of a role as a residential location. Several luxury residential buildings can be found among the numerous office buildings and cultural venues in the subdistrict, while more modest residential buildings and larger-scale developments are to be found at the border to Kreuzberg, as well as north and east of Alexanderplatz in the form of prefabricated buildings that were constructed during the GDR era.

The Tiergarten subdistrict is also very much influenced by Berlin’s role as the capital of Germany, as part of it includes the government quarter. The embassy quarter is located between Potsdamer Platz and Tiergarten park on the other. This popular destination for excursion and recreation at the gates of Berlin was transformed into a colony of villas after 1828, and various countries then located their embassies here as well.

Only around ten per cent of the buildings in the Hansaviertel north of Tiergarten park remained standing after 1945.

The Moabit, Wedding and Gesundbrunnen subdistricts have changed considerably over the last few years. A large share of existing buildings have been refurbished, and both demand for housing and housing prices are rising, whereby this also has to do with the proximity of large railway stations in Moabit and Gesundbrunnen, which give the nearby neighbourhoods a certain urban flair. In the case of Berlin Central Station, an entirely new neighbourhood for working and living – Europacity – is being built in the immediate vicinity. In the past, the area around Gesundbrunnen railway station attracted a lot of students looking for cheap housing. The resulting revitalisation of the neighbourhoods here has led to an increase in refurbishing activity and made Gesundbrunnen a more attractive place to live.

Most of the once desolate area between Alexanderplatz and the Jannowitzbrücke bridge has now been developed.






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