Düppel Museum Village in Berlin

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Düppel Museum Village in Berlin

Posted by Tanya Yujelevski on 02/01/2023
Düppel Museum Village | Sweet Home

Are you lovers of archeology, history and everything authentic? Then you will definitely like Düppel Museum Village.

In Zellendorf, a fashionable district of Berlin, the museum village of Düppel is present in 12 hectares, with thatched houses, barns, craft workshops, cattle pens and vegetable gardens. On the foundations of the 13th-century settlement (it was famous as Krummensee Slav), the construction of wooden poles supports dwellings according to medieval technologies. In this open-air museum, you can see life as it was about 800 years ago. And even learn some of the crafts and agricultural tricks of the time.

Düppel Museum Village

It is surprising how inventively people manage natural materials. Houses uses wood, covered with straw, and clay to build a barn. In addition to that a hearth was laid from stone, and beehives were woven from bark. Outbuildings, tools, utensils, clothes tell about hard peasant labor and simple life. Moreover, here you can learn how to plow the land, grow and harvest rye, how to grind grain and bake bread. What plants are in gardens and orchards, how to spin a thread and weave a cloth.

The village of Düppel is not just an attraction. It is a world-famous center for experimental archeology: long-extinct domestic animals are actually breed here, ancient plants are available, and uses a three-field farming system.

On Sundays, visitors are available for guided tours. You can enjoy medieval games for children, and various events throughout the year. This further includes from birdwatching to medieval performances with knights and troubadours. Moreover, all guests get dishes according to old recipes: thick lentil soup, millet porridge, bread, rolls, compote. But if you wish, you can always taste the usual food and drinks in the cafe at the museum.

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