Historically one of Berlin’s districts with a dubious reputation, lots of vacant buildings and unattractive grey tenements – the quarters of the poor?

Today Wedding is an area within Mitte which includes the Government district, the zoo and the Alexanderplatz – in fact most of Berlin’s tourist attractions! Wedding is undergoing a major transition where the old Wilhelminian residential areas are being renovated and these wonderful period buildings are back in their prime! Of course we have seen this before in areas such as Prenzlauer Berg which were transformed and look at the price per m2 there!

Wedding enjoys excellent transport options which befit its central location. The area is well served with rail, bus and trams. Rail access from Wedding station is comprehensive and nearby is the magnificent, recently opened Berlin central station. From here you can connect to Warsaw, Moscow as well as all points west!

Wedding today is a cosmopolitan mix with students from China and artists from Swabia all rubbing shoulders on the city streets. Growing employment and an expanding university are features of the new confidence. Examples include the headquarters of the pharmaceutical giant Bayer-Schering or the world renowned Beuth College of Engineering. The feeling is that Wedding’s time has come and it mirrors the development and rejuvenation of the surrounding areas of Pankow, Prenzlauer Berg and Mitte. We call this the ‘ripple effect’

Wedding has now become interesting not only to the local tenant but also with investors. The demand for good quality housing; student accommodation and commercial premises is fuelling the demand from followers of real estate opportunities. Wedding is now high on the list of areas in which to invest. The area is now host to several new galleries as well as high quality shopping possibilities. The Brunnen Center is one of the biggest shopping malls in Berlin with 25,000 m² of retail space and over 100 stores and restaurants providing a shopping paradise with excellent rail connections. Drinks with friends are now commonplace in one of the trendy bars in the Brunnenviertel.

Wedding also has its ‘green areas’ with public parks Rehberge, Goethe and Schiller Parks or the grand old public park on Humboldthain with a range of sports facilities. And then maybe a trip to the theatre or check out the local art scene. Other options include the Children’s Museum labyrinth on Osloerstr. or a trip to Berlin’s largest bowling alley.

Wedding clearly has a lot more than you might expect.

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