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Jerusalem real estate


Judith Ben Avi Real Estate Company has been a long established (since 1982) Real Estate in Jerusalem as a small family business, specializing in Residential Lettings and offering a modern, comprehensive and professional service in all aspects of Jerusalem rentalsof luxury apartments as well as a full Sales service

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How can I buy a property without seeing it?

Although you might naturally be curious, truth is that there is little meaning in visiting the property. Let’s assume you visited the apartment and liked it, let’s assume the tenant moves out after 10 years, will it still be in the same condition? Probably not.
At times, a touch up may be necessary or it might even be in a better condition than before. The locals usually take good care of their apartments and sometimes even renovate themselves. Therefore, it is not crucial to visit the apartment. Should you insist,  we will of course arrange for a visit, after notifying the management company and the tenant, taking the local terms/limitations into consideration.

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Why use your services and not take a German real estate agent?

1. Full service in Hebrew/English/German/Russian, close to home, high accessibility.

2. Excellent customer service, full guidance throughout the whole purchase process including financing and notarization.

3. In most cases, we charge you 50% less for our broker services than local agents would.

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What happens if a tenant moves out?

First of all, that’s a reason to celebrate. A new rental agreement means a significant capital gain, at times twice as much in profit. You can look for a new tenant and collect the maximum applicable rent or, if you wish, consider selling the property. Due to shortage in empty apartments its selling price would be about 30% more than that of an occupied apartment.

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How do I know if the purchase price is reasonable?

On ‘’ you can compare prices while using Google chrome for translation. You insert the address of the property and get average prices for the respective area. However, since the website does not reflect current prices, you will have to assess the price a bit higher.

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Is it possible to see the property prior to purchase?

Basically yes.
In general, the management company has to be notified in writing and will arrange the visit with the tenant. Notification of the planned visit should be given at least 2 weeks ahead.
Nevertheless, following possibilities have to be taken into consideration:

1. The tenant will agree and be present at the agreed date.
2. The tenant will not show up and give a reason for not being able to be there.
3. By the time of the set date – the property has already been sold.
4. The owner has already practiced his visiting rights (up to 4 times a year) – no further visit is possible.

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Is it recommended to insure the property?

This issue should be dealt with in the same nature as you would usually deal with other property. If you usually insure your property/equipment you could definitely acquire a similar insurance in Berlin.

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